Oman Professional Skills and how to achieve them

A recent report of the UNFPA urged Oman to integrate the youth as currently, they are largely isolated from global issues, except for the social media: basic exchange programs are very few, leaving them nu space to broaden their critical thinking. There are many ladies, especially in Muscat, who work in night dance clubs or escorts : who are paid to provide pleasure. We were intrigued of this situation regarding Oman’s youth, so we tried to find out more.


The escorts are attractive looking, sexy and very young, although by law only sex within a legalized marriage is permitted. However, it is women who are legally penalized, and not their clients, although a foreigner who commits an act against good morals may be deported. Muscat is a tough spot if you’re an expat, and you could go for a ‘Russian Massage’, but escorts are the sort you could take to a dinner party, if you crave for some company and conversation, although you do of course have to be discreet.


When we talk about the economic plans, the honest truth is that our youth needs help to develop soft skills, and not enough emphasis is invested to improve specific economic sectors and job vacancies, and more is needed to be done with the changing world nowadays. The WorldSkills Competition is held every two years and truly reflects global industry, as the competitors are selected from skill competitions in member countries and they are all under 23 years, demonstrating technical abilities to execute tasks for which they perform. Vocational training fosters skills excellence and international co-operation, so it is an once-in-a-lifetime experience to demonstrate their abilities and it’s inspiring them to get passionate and embrace careers.


World Skills is a global hub which thrives to accomplish international through skill competitions, which are essential to the future prosperity, and by promoting vocational education as a celebration of knowledge. In 2018 Oman celebrated its most successful competition in the capital city of Muscat, which brought together fifty young competitors across seven disciplines, and the men and women from Oman showed their talents, from Welding and Air-conditioning to Hairdressing and Decorating. The Competition was a success as it increased awareness of training and the power of excellence within an industry.



Oman has a demographic window of opportunity, but the Sultanate needs to accelerate its efforts for the young people, as more is needed to prepare them for globalization and allow them to widen the scope of their talents. There is a full range of Business Management Courses, not only in UAE but also in Oman and Kuwait, familiarizing the participants with problem-solving skills, as confidence is considered the key to achieving outstanding results. Business Management training is recognized as today’s leading topic for development of talent, as becoming a people’s manager in today’s corporate life has some perks: a title, interpersonal relationships and motivation are definitely the most powerful incentives. Developing such skills will leave you feeling more confident, while Business Administration Courses can expand your sphere of planning, create the right impression and understand the dynamics.

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