The most important Website Builders in the World

A good website could cost $2000 and making changes could require a designer to help you update your site, but, for only a few dollars, some of these website builders could give you everything you’d ever want as you can easily login and change copy or add new pages (all without calling for support). Website builders are a perfect solution for small businesses which don’t want to be hiring a developer, but finding the best one can be tricky with so many out there, which is why in this article, we’ll go over the pros and cons of the website builders, comparing them. Anyone with an organization or just a passion needs a site, and these are the best website builders for making it easy.



SiteBuilder is a very reputable option with over 1,200 template options to pick from and they boast an affordable e-commerce product for a fully-functioning store, extremely easy to customize as you just need to point and adjust. This is the best one, although mails cost extra at $5/monthly (a pretty common tactic on this list) and Ecommerce plans are only available on the most expensive plan, currently priced at $9.22/month. Our test site saw excellent uptime, only going down for about two minutes, and that’s almost as good as it gets, and the friendly rep hopped on live chat within seconds and was helpful, answering our questions.


Just to name few of the people who would benefit: writers, artists and wedding planners.Before comparing, we recommend you write down what are your goals for your website, such as a blog section, online store, contact form, etc., then check out other websites. Getting your message out requires good helpings with maybe a dash of LinkedIn, and Tumblr, but if you want an internet presence, you also need a real website which gives you control over content and you can realize a brand image, unlike Facebook pages which all look alike.



The self-hosted WordPress tops our list due to its popularity and scalability, and is a free source website builder, as you have maximum control compared to any other builder. is the world’s most popular website builder, as over 28% are powered by WordPress (although there are two versions available). WordPress gives you complete control and can be used to build any kind of website, such as an eCommerce store, a social network, and more, and you can use one of the many themes for your design.


Unlike other articles on this same topic, we signed up with each of the website builders and searched the list of the most popular ones on the market, as our goal is to provide a review in to help you make the best decision. You can take advantage of the trial accounts before you make your decision, but you need to consider your growth options, such as regular updates or selling more products and make sure that the one you choose is capable of handling your needs.

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